Library/steptemplates page layout

I have enabled the Octopus Community templates feature on version 3.7.8 and it seems to give me a funny layout on the Step Templates tab on the Library page.

When the page first loads it shows a sensible layout with my custom templates at the top and the community templates which I am using. After a second it loads a list of library templates into a tall narrow column which takes up the whole page so that I have to scroll down for some time to reach my own templates which I am interested in. Also it has 2 Library columns, one of which is empty. This is different from the documentation.

Please can you hide the library templates or put them at the bottom! Scrolling down all the time is horrible.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for getting in touch. It appears that you have the Bluefin chrome extension installed and the ‘Integrated library step template importer’ feature turned on. Octopus 3.7 added support to import community step templates so you’ll need to turn that Bluefin feature off.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Rob, this has resolved the issue.