Lengthy Delay In-Between Steps

I noticed that a particular deployment to an environment took noticeably longer than normal. I looked at the task output, and it all seemed fine, although the time between two steps starting was lengthy. I went to the raw output and noticed that a step began, ran through (including PreDeploy, Copy packages, Deploy, and PostDeploy) all successfully and quickly. The next step, however, took 33 minutes before it began installation. Since there is nothing in the raw output or the Octopus Server log to show why there was a 33 minute delay between the PostDeploy finishing on step A and step B starting, not sure where to look.

Hi Chris,

Sorry if this info’s duplicated in another thread - which version are you currently running?

If you’re able to check the Octopus server logs, it would be interesting to know which if any other tasks were running at the time the deployment kicked back off (health checks etc.)


I found the source of the issue. There were a MASS number of subfolders where one of the deployments goes to, and even if the config file updating was turned off, just deploying to that folder make it take ~13 minutes. I moved the large list of folders elsewhere, and it now completes in under a minute.