Launching windows from a tentacle windows service

In our deployment process we use thrid party software to control mobile devices.
This software does not have an API or something.
So we have a tentacle, where this software is installed.

What we do is, we open the software with a specific file and press F7.
This can be scripted with powershell and the use of WASP.

When we import our powershell script into Octopus, it fails.
Reason being, a windows service (Tentacle.exe) does not have a context to open windows, so it cannot send F7 to the window.

When we stop the tentacle service and run Tentacle.exe from the command line, it works.

Is their a way to let a windows service open windows?

The powershell script is attached.
The tentacle also runs under a corperate account and not the default network service.

OpenApplication.ps1 (495 Bytes)


Thanks for getting in touch. The reason for this is because the Windows Service is not authorized to interact with the Desktop when running as that Domain User Account.

I’ve seen a few other threads posing the same question with mixed results:

The closest similar situation I’ve seen is in automated UI testing where people have a few choices as outlined here by Keith Dahlby.

Please take a look through those resources and let me know how you get on.