Latest Teamcity (2018.1.3 (build 58658)) nuget feed not working anymore

Before I upgraded our teamcity installation to build 58658, I was able to get all available nuget packages from our teamcity.

After the upgrade, I see two different outputs:

  1. in test, I only see some of my packages
  2. while creating releases I see only major releases no pre-releases and no new releases

When I use the same feed for example in visual studio, everything works fine. I see all available releases.

This worked before the upgrade. I updated octopus to latest version yesterday!

Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry to hear that you’re having these issues.

Could you tell me what version of TeamCity you upgraded from? In 2018.1 TeamCity made a change to the feed to be per-project instead of global and the paths changed and this could be why you are having these issues.

Thank you and best regards,

This is an old issue. There is still a root repository in 2018.1.3 (Build 58658) and in visual studio I can see all available packages.

Hi Wolfgang,

My apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

This issue is a bit strange as I have been unable to replicate the issue with a local instance of Octopus and TeamCity running 2018.1.3.

Could you send through a screenshot of the available package sources in Visual Studio and also the external feed in Octopus?

Thank you and best regards,

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