Last Time Connected

You guys have a great API! One suggestion I would like to make is adding a last successful connection time to the machines api.

Maybe “/machines/{id}/heartbeat” and return the time stamp of the latest successful connection.

Another idea,

query environments by name, like GET “/api/environments?name=”


Thanks for getting in touch. It’s a good idea, and would be a neat fit for work we’re planning with ephemeral/cloud machines.

In the meantime you can use the existing API at api/machines/{id}/connection to get this information and more. Try signing in as a guest to our demo server and trying this:

  "Id": "connectionstatus-Machines-3",
  "MachineId": "Machines-3",
  "Logs": [],
  "Status": "Online",
  "CurrentTentacleVersion": "3.2.21",
  "LastChecked": "2016-02-02T23:03:59.254+00:00",
  "Links": {
  "Self": "/api/machines/Machines-3/connection",
  "Machine": "/api/machines/Machines-3"

Hope that helps!