Large asset files

Hey there,

We have a behemoth of a solution - a CSharp and VB.NET pair of websites that run alongside each other. They also have associated with them a LARGE repository of video files (gigabytes worth).

How do we handle that with Octopus Deploy? We’re using TeamCity. We obviously don’t want to ‘include in project’ for all of these cumbersome files that are no use in the solution, and it seems to make no sense in deploying them all every time as they rarely change.

What is the best solution?


Hi John,

Thanks for your question. Sorry for the auto-reply.
I would suggest splitting your solution up into more manageable parts. Could you have Octopus projects for your websites and your videos and then just deploy whatever has changed?

Not sure how you manage your videos but if you can get them into a nupkg you can deploy them. Maybe splitting those up so you don’t have to do GBs of deploy when they change?