Kubernetes Job deployment is omitting container feed & container version


Using 2021.2 (Build 7462) - No fixes for this issue in the latest version according to patch list.

We have a working Kubernetes deployment step using AKS & ACR.
In one of the projects we need to add a Kubernetes job instead of deployment, which should be easy enough.
However when we deploy the job it does not send the ACR feed or the container version to the job yaml.
So AKS can’t pull the container to the pod and everything breaks.
I tried literally duplicating our deployment step and changing it to a job instead - this also fails.


Raw YAML from Octopus Kubernetes deployment step

Release creation - finds the container & version without issues. The step itself completes w/o errors.

When I check AKS and the raw YAML it got from Octopus, the feed & container version is not passed to it:

Anyone knows what’s up?

Hi @jorgen.fries,

Thanks for reaching out with your question and welcome to the community.

I am wondering if you could send over your Process JSON for this particular deployment step? It would be located here:

If possible, could you turn on Variable Logging and send over the Task log as well?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


Hi Garret,

No problem - Can I send it to you in a private message? I would prefer not to expose those info publicly

Hi @jorgen.fries,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Please feel free to direct message the JSON file to me. Alternatively, I’ve created a secure upload link here that you can use: Support - Octopus Deploy

Looking forward to hearing back.


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