JSON Template for Subscriptions

Is there any way to change the JSON output of a subscription? It would be really helpful to be able to specify the JSON with Octopus variables in it so you could integrate directly with products like MS Teams, Rocket-Chat etc. without having to convert the Subscription JSON output to whatever input format those systems support using an intermediary system.

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I don’t believe Octopus will do this straight out of the box, but we do have a community step template that may be of use to you if you want to integrate MS teams with Octopus:


In addition to this, we have some documentation written by one of our colleagues which you might find useful:

Or if you prefer a more cinematic guide:


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Thanks @Ziaul.Islam, I’m aware of the community step template, but that means adding an additional step to every project/release we already have configure.
It’s a shame, if the output from the subscription feature was templated in some way it would allow easy integration with many different platforms with a lot less work.
Thanks anyway!

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I will raise this as a possible feature request to our team.

Meanwhile you could add this as a UserVoice:

Sorry I could not bring you better news.

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