Jira Status Update Not Working


I’ve configured the Jira cloud integration and both test buttons report success on the settings page. I can also see build information in the packages section of the release, which has come from the Jira Build Information plugin.

However, when the deployment runs there are no Jira status updates in the logs at all, and no deployment info shows in Jira.

I just wondered if there is anything I could have missed when setting this up?



Hi Rob,

Thanks for getting in touch!

If the release is correctly displaying and linking to Jira issues then the only thing that I can think of would be to check your Octopus Environments to ensure they have been linked to the correct Jira environments.

You would do this by navigating to Infrastructure > Environments and using the hamburger menu to the right of the environment name to Edit it.
You should then be able to set the Jira environment link.


Thanks Paul, sorry I didn’t include that I’d already configured the environments. Not sure what else to check.

Assuming you’re using one of our cloud instances would you be happy to provide me with the instance URL so that I can log in and take a look?

Hello Paul,

We have a similar issue. We setup production instance of Jira to be connected with our Octopus Cloud instance following that guide Jira issue tracking - Octopus Deploy
However, when I setup Jira plugin with Octopus Instance ID and click “Update”, nothing happens and what I see only is a blank screen.

Clicking “Test” in section Jira Connect App Password returns error. However, test of credentials below works fine. When I refresh Octopus App in Jira, I still see the empty Octopus Instance ID.

Your help is appreciated.

Approximately month ago we configured same Octopus Cloud Instance to be integrated with our Jira Sandbox environment and that worked fine.

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Hi Dmytro,

We’ve previously seen users encounter this blank screen within Jira when trying to save the Octopus ID being caused by lack of permission.
Would it be possible to re-try this with someone that has additional permissions within the Jira environment?


Hi Paul,

Not sure this was meant for me :grinning:.



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Sorry, just realised this was a reply on the same thread!

Hi Paul. I’m Jira tenant owner :slight_smile:

Hi @Dmytro.Morozov,

Thanks for keeping in touch. I’ll jump in here for Paul as he’s currently offline as part of our UK-based team.

I’ve actually encountered a very similar issue myself just recently and wondering if it might give you a quick way forward. This was when I was in Chrome incognito mode (and also reported in Safari) and inputting the Octopus Instance ID and updating in the connect app, it was throwing an error and failing to save. This was due to Chrome’s incognito mode by default blocking third party cookies. Enabling third party cookies in my browser allowed it to be saved, and alternatively you could try normal non-incognito Chrome (or another browser which doesn’t block third party cookies) and hopefully that’ll resolve this issue for you?

Please let me know how you go, or if this doesn’t apply to your case.

Best regards,


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