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Are you all planning to release an OctopusDeploy plugin for Jira Server version in the future?
If not, pretty please :smiley:

Hi Larry,

Thanks for getting in touch!

This is definitely something that we would love to do, unfortunately it’s out of our hands as this is up to Atlassian. Please feel free to get in touch with them and request for it to be made available.


Hi @Alex.Rolley,

Here’s their response. Sounds like the server version of the plugin needs to be submitted to the Atlassian Marketplace by someone there…
" Jayem Odono commented:

Hello Larry,

Good day and thank you for contacting Atlassian! We’re happy to assist.

The third-party add-ons are created and developed by third-party vendors. Atlassian is simply the customer-facing marketplace for the products, thus we cannot provide specific timelines on when it will have a counterpart in Cloud.

We suggest contacting the vendor directly. I have included their contact details below for your convenience:

Octopus Deploy Pty Ltd:

vendor webpage



Hi Larry,

We understand this is frustrating, but as Alex mentioned it’s out of our hands.

The APIs that the plugin relies on calling to push data to Jira are only available in the Jira Cloud product, and not the Jira Server product. We worked with the Atlassian team during the development of the plugin, and to our knowledge there are no current plans to extend the functionality into Jira Server.

We have had a number of customers requesting support for Jira Server and I’m sure if it gets support for the deployment APIs then we will look at providing a plugin to integrate it with Octopus.

We’ve also done some updates to the documentation in the past week because we think something else here might not have been clear enough. The integration between Jira and Octopus consists of a number of different things, and the ability to push deployment data back to Jira is the only piece that is restricted to Jira Cloud. You can still take advantage of all of the new package metadata, links back to the work items and commits from Octopus portal, and the release notes templates no matter which version of Jira you have.


So I just had the Octopus 2019.5 email about the Jira Plugin, I was pretty excited about this, but as clicking on the link that takes you to the Atlassian marketplace, and the plugin is cloud only.
But reading this thread I need to update Octopus deploy server and see the options in there.
Any way just want to register my interest, if you can/Atlassian, progress better support for the on-premise Jira Server.

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Hi @Shannon_Lewis - thanks for the information and updating the documentation! Pushing deployment info back into Jira is what we would find extremely beneficial. I’ll reply to Atlassian with a link to this thread to see if maybe getting enough groundswell of Jira Server users would help get the Jira Server API updated. :crossed_fingers:


Hi @Shannon_Lewis et al,

Can someone from the Octopus Team reach back out to the Jira MarketPlace Vendor team? Here’s the response I got back from them.

Jayem Odono commented:

Hi Larry,

Thanks for your response. You have actually reached our Billing and Licensing team. This area is out of our scope, but what I can recommend is that Octopus Deploy can reach out to our Marketplace Vendor team (who is charge of third-party Marketplace vendors) to discuss this further. Our Marketplace Vendor team will then coordinate with our Jira Developers after and see what we can do.

The vendor (Octopus Deploy), can raise this directly through this portal - Marketplace Vendor Support.

In case you might have any billing inquiries in the mean time, just let me know.



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Let me know if there’s something else I can do, but please keep me in the loop! I think there are others that would be excited if you all can get this done :slight_smile:


Hi @larry,

Just rounding back to this one. We have been in contact as much as we can with the Jira development team that we worked with while building the feature so we have applied as much pressure as we can.

Hopefully we see some changes in future!


Thanks Alex :crossed_fingers: I’ll check back in later.

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