Java Deployment to Azure Web App

Hi Octopus Team,

I am exploring ways to deploy Java web applications to Azure Web Apps.
From what I have seen of the Azure Web App target in Octopus 3.0, it requires an existing Azure Web App. Is there a way to get it to create an Azure Web App if one does not exist already?
I am actually trying to implement CI/CD with the goal of having concurrent versions of the same Web App running so I would need the deployment process to create a Web App at deployment time.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Francois,
You are correct that currently in 3.0 the Azure Web App targets need to be reconfigured and existing before they can be deployed to however due to user feedback we have decided to modify this strategy for the pending 3.1 release. Check Pauls post here for details about this upcoming change.

When 3.1 goes live the azure deployments will be able to use variables as configuration to specify the azure credentials used. What this means is that you will be able to create an azure script step that first provisions the Web App then sets the relevant output variables to be used by the subsequent deployment step!

Let us know what you think about this feature. Hopefully we it will be available in the next few weeks.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Rob, this is great news.
Any ETA for 3.1?

Hi Francois,

Thanks for the reply (and great to hear from you!) We should have a beta version of 3.1 out in the next week.


Hey Paul,

That is really good news, thanks!
I’ll be looking forward to it.