Java applications

With the upcoming support of Linux tentacles (or ‘machines’ as they will be!), will there also be support at some point for Java applications in Nexus/Maven? If not, how should we go about deploying from Nexus onto a Linux machine? Is there an official suggested way to do this?


For 3.0 we’re adding SSH support, but we’ll still assume that Octopus works exclusively with NuGet packages, so you’ll need to manually package the Java application as a NuGet and push it to Octopus. Our plan is to add the SSH features, and then see if there’s demand for supporting JARs/Maven repositories and adding Java-specific convenions. Right now we’re just dipping our toes in the water as far as non-Microsoft platforms go.

Hope that helps!


Is there already support for Java applications? If so, please provide me with a link to some documentation.

Hi Robert,

When 3.3 ships in a few weeks we’ve added a number of features that will be helpful for Java deployments, but Java isn’t quite on our list of directly supported platforms. We’ll include some examples of using Octopus with Node applications that would also work well for Java.

Paul Stovell

It would be really amazing to see Java support in the library! :slight_smile:
Has 3.3 come and gone yet?

Hi Marc,

Thanks for getting in touch. In 3.3 we added support for .zip and .tar files for the packages, which should make linux deployments much easier.