Jammed task

I has a deployment that is in “cancelling” state for days. There is a task ( a deploy step ) that it says is “Cancelling” but it wont finish. New deploys down to this tentacle work fine but this old deploy is jammed. It is quite possable that this task was in progress when I stopped the tentacle and upgraded it to 3.0 from 2.6.
in 2.6 I might have cleared it with:
cd "\Program Files\Octopus Deploy\Tentacle"
tentacle.exe service --stop
tentacle.exe reset-activities

But “reset-activities” seems to have been removed.

Can I clear out this ( or every ) task with sql perhaps?


Thanks for getting in touch. The ‘jammed’ task is likely a left-over artifact from your Octopus 2.6 instance migration and you can update it to cancelled. You can run the following SQL statement on the appropriate database to force it to the correct state where ZZZ is the ServerTask ID.

UPDATE [dbo].[ServerTask] Set State='Canceled' WHERE Id='ServerTasks-ZZZ'

Let me know how you go.