Iterate a list and then do "Deploy a NuGet package"

Can a Deployment process step be scripted such that it iterates through a list (e.g. Test1,Test2), and for each item in the list, the name of the NuGet feed package is constructed from the item (e.g. MyApp.Test1, MyApp.Test2)?

Currently we use multiple steps, each handling a single DuGet package. This is not elegant and will not scale.


Thanks for getting in touch! Could you please explain this with more detail in a specific scenario and the purpose of having such a deployment process.
We will then be able to determine if there is anything currently or if it could go into the feature suggestions on UserVoice,


Thanks Venessa for your reply!

We have multiple dev/test teams each having its own environment, each producing its own NuGet package (from its own TFS branch) for the same application (the package name has an environment specific component, such as .Test1, .Test2, … suffix).

For each such application, we could go with creating multiple Octopus projects, one for each environment, and the Octopus project will have a single NuGet Package step; or we could go with a single Octopus project with multiple NuGet Package steps to download the packages for all environments from NuGet feed to Octopus server, then at deployment, only the environment specific package will be sent to Tentacle.

The second option requires duplication of the NuGet Package step. If I can iterate through a known list of environments, then only one NuGet Package step is needed. That would be elegant and easier to create/maintain the Octopus project.