It seems you cannot add an Active Directory Group to an unsaved Team

Version in bottom left of web app:

  1. Add Team
  2. Set Name
  3. Add Role(s)
  4. Click Add AD Group
  5. Search for group
  6. select group
  7. click Add
    AD Group is not added. No error message.
    If you do a save between steps 3 and 4, AD group is added.

Hi ,

Thanks for getting in touch! Thanks for reporting this!
You will be happy to know we have fixed this, and the fix will be available in 2.6

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the prompt response.

In the future, I’ll try to search github before reporting an issue.
You may want to consider putting a link to your github issues on your support page to encourage others to do the same.

Adam Knudsen
717.381.4842 ext 2233