Issues with v2.1.3

  1. we have 300+ deployment projects and recently upgraded to v2.1.3. the default view of the home page does not load completely while in IE11. chrome and firefox it does seem to work albeit very slow. I did do a custom dashboard and then IE11 was able to load it with a smaller subset of projects.

  2. the dropdown for the projects menu no longer has a scrollbar. this is something I reported in v1.6 (or maybe prior) and you guys fixed that, but now its missing again. the number of projects I put on my customized dashboard is greater than what will fit in the dropdown list under projects and you cant get to the ones past the bottom of the browser.

  3. suggestion: bring back favorites instead of using the custom dashboard list to fill the drop down under the projects menu. with v1.6, I typically would only have a handful of projects that I tend to do a lot of deployments of in the projects menu and then used the dashboard or projects list to get to the rest of them.

Kirk Quinbar

Thanks for the suggestions Kirk.

I made some improvements in version 2.3 today that should result in faster loading of the dashboard, it would be good to get some feedback on that version when it previews in a few weeks.

We’ve got an issue open for #2 - - I’ve just pushed it forward to see if we can look at it in the 2.3 milestone as well.

Thanks for the suggestion on Favorites, it makes sense - we’ll keep this in mind.