Issues with password reset and updating tenant variables


We have recently upgraded our octopus server from 3.2.23 to 2018.1.4.
I have already posted some of my observations on octopus help forum (below url) and still waiting for the answers.

In addition to the above, we are also in process to have multi tenanted pattern in our projects, but we find it a bit difficult to enter the values in tenant variables for templates defined at the project level as variables per environment cannot be collapsed and they are spaced a bit liberally. As we have four environments (DEV, TEST, STG, PROD), so for a tenant for each project we have 30-50 variables per environment making it 200+ variables on one page.

Hi Saurabh

Thanks for getting in touch and for your great input!

Variable unification is one of the projects that we are planning to do in the near future. Your feedback definitely will be considered.

I have created an issue for this project and linked your feedback here

You are welcome to subscribe to it so that you can track the progress of our work.

Have a great day!
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