Issues with "Deploy a Release" step template from Octopus Deploy

We are using 2018.10.2 LTS and noticing some UI issues when using the “Deploy a Release” step template built into octopus deploy.

When deploying a release that deploys another project the UI will prematurely show a green check mark when a deployment issue occurs even though the step is not completed and needs guided failure input. The task log will state “Deployment of release X.X.X.X of project ‘XXXXXXXXX’ is paused for manual intervention”. A step should not show green check mark until it truly completes successfully.

Please contact me if more information is needed, its sort of difficult to verbally describe.

Hi @BlueLion,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently this is technically working as designed.

The deploy a release step is responsible for initiating the release, but has no context of the status of the deployment it initiates. As the step has successfully initiated the deployment, it is regarded as successful.

We don’t currently have the ability to follow the deployment and report the status back to the project with the deploy a release step, but this may be something we look into in the future.

If you would like to see this sort of behaviour in Octopus, the best place to suggest it would be our UserVoice Suggestions page. We use UserVoice to gauge community support for new ideas and features. If a suggestion gathers enough support, we can look into implementing it into Octopus. You are able to create suggestions or vote and comment on existing suggestions that interest you.

Let me know if you have any questions or further thoughts here. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Thank you for the prompt reply. What we are observing is slightly different than what you stated.

We see in the UI that when a deployment starts a spinning wheel is presented which is what you would expect and stays that way until the child step completes. However, we have noticed that the UI will display a green check mark when there is some type of failure input needed on a deploy project step even though the project didn’t complete and is just awaiting input.

What’s interesting is that the Octopus UI does report the status once a project actually completes in the task log and will not let the parent project complete until all the underlying project deployment steps complete. The UI will display a spinning wheel icon at the parent project level until you resolve all the guided failures even though all the child project deployment steps display a green icon.

In some way the octopus UI is aware that there are pending tasks for the child steps yet the UI doesn’t reflect that. The screenshot below of a multi step project with child deploy project steps illustrates octopus is “aware” of the step status if you follow the timestamps at which messages are displayed in the UI task log.

Notice how there is a message about paused for intervention and later there is a deployment of release project completed successfully after the guided failure was resolved. Also the other steps that didn’t run into an issue report the step completing successfully and do not show a green check mark until receiving that status which is exactly the behavior you would expect to see.

Hi @Daniel_Fischer,
Any update on this?

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