Issues with Build Metadata display

We’ve recently updated our build process to utilize the Metadata feature made available recently in Octopus, but in our Octopus UI we’re not seeing some of the details that we would expect (and are visible in the screenshots from the release).

Firstly, we’re using the Create Metadata step in TeamCity, which I can see from the logs is serializing the correct data (including the Build Number, VCS details including Commit Number and Commits).
However, when I navigate to the Packages page, I don’t see the VCS Commit Hash (as shown in and I see no detail for any packages under a Release (as shown in
Is there anything that we are missing configuration-wise in regards to the full metadata including the VCS Commit Hash and metadata summary on the releases pages? Should this just be automatic when adding package metadata?

Hi @matt2,

Thanks for getting in touch! This does seem strange, especially since you are seeing all the correct information being serialised.

Can you please send an email to and include a few things?

  1. Some example full build logs from TeamCity. If these are really big, you can cut out the boring build parts. Make sure to leave the VCS parts at the beginning and end, and anything related to Octopus.
  2. Some screenshots of what you are seeing in Octopus, preferably resulting from the same build as the logs you send.
  3. Which version of Octopus Server and TeamCity and the Octopus Deploy Integration plugin you are using. The best versions as of today are Octopus Server 2019.6.latest, TeamCity 2019.1, and Octopus Deploy Integration plugin 5.2.1.

In the meantime, some of these steps may help get you going:

  1. Upgrade Octopus Server, TeamCity, and the Octopus Deploy Integration plugin in TeamCity.
  2. Did you recently upgrade Octopus Server? If so, I wonder if your web browser has cached an old copy of the HTML/JS portal and isn’t showing the data correctly? A hard-refresh may fix this.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Michael. I’ve sent an email to the support address with further details.


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