Issues deploying a simple application to IIS

Hello, we’re evaluating Octopus and setup a basic server with a single tentacle test environment where we try to deploy our app to the iis running on the tentacle machine.

We’ve configured everything according to the tutorials on the website, however when we run the deploy we’re getting the following error message :

“A web.config file was not found, so no IIS configuration will be performed. To turn off this feature, use the ‘Configure features’ link in the deployment step configuration to disable IIS updates.”

Please advise.

ServerTasks-12.log.txt (8 KB)

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out. May i ask what kind of application are you trying to deploy?



Hi, i just started from zero and the problem didn’t repeat

no idea what the problem was…

thanks for trying to help!

No worries! happens to all of us