Issue with moving Octopus Deploy server


I currently use Octopus Deploy V2.6.5.1010
I fond out that the backup was hanging and had not taken a backup since the 27th of last month.
I tried cancelling this from the tasks section. The System is CPU is pegged to 100 so the server is really slow and I am working on setting up on another server. The question i had was when i move this (using the restore) to another larger server, i don’t see any of the Packages populated as part of the move. Can you please let me know how i can get the packages moved also?

Thank you,
Jabez Abraham

Hi Jabraham,

Thanks for getting in touch!

You’re correct, a restore will not restore any Nuget Packages that were in the built-in feed.

You can do a file copy to move them from one server to another, however. You can find them under the installation directory of the Octopus Server. If you copy them to the same location on your new server, Octopus should find them. You may have to restart the server and wait a little while until they’re re-indexed.

Hope that helps!


Appreciate the clarification.