Issue while installing tentacle through command line

Hi Team,

I am trying to uninstall the existing tentacle , de-register and even the deleting the service through command line

$temp = hostname
cd “C:\Program Files\Octopus Deploy\Tentacle”;
.\Tentacle.exe deregister-from --instance=$temp --server “xyz” --apiKey=“xyz”;
.\Tentacle.exe service --instance $temp --stop --uninstall;
.\Tentacle.exe delete-instance --instance $temp;

function Uninstall-OldTentacle {
$app = Get-WmiObject -Query “SELECT * FROM Win32_Product WHERE Name = ‘Octopus Deploy Tentacle’”
& sc.exe delete “Octopus Tentacle”


am able to de-register it and uninstall & delete it as well.

but after I install the tentacle using command line, am able to install it & run check health & upgrade calamari as well.

but when i open octopus tentacle manager in the server, it points to the old tentacle installation path & shows as not installed, but in services the tentacle is up & running & even i can see the server in deployment targets in octopus UI.

Can you please let us know as what went wrong such that the manager shows as uninstalled, but in services the octopus deploy is up & running and the server is available in deployment targets & we are able to do the deployments as well.

Request you to please help me fix this issue.

Shaik Sadiq

Hi shaiksadiqdev,

Welcome to the Octopus boards!

Sorry about the issues you’re having. It looks like the issue might be caused by $temp = hostname
I believe it should be tentacle and not hostname. Can you please attempt that and let me know if it resolved the issue?


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