Issue when upgrading Octopus Server from 2020.4.11 to 2020.5.0

Hi all,

We encountered an issue after upgrading Octopus Server from 2020.4.11 to 2020.5.0.

On the top of the server layer we have a Netscaler DNS that points to the Octopus server, which allows users to connect to the Octopus tool with a friendly name, instead of the server name address.

After the upgrade the Netscaler address is not working anymore. It is only working using the server name address.

As a good practice we always have backed up our system before doing an upgrade, so we have rolled back and restored to the previous version 2020.4.11, which is working as expected.

After comparing both versions (2020.4.11 and 2020.5.0) , we do not see any difference on the bindings configuration, so I guess there could be a bug in the new version.

We could not see any reference to this feature within the related release notes :

Not sure if you have faced the same issue or you can advice how to fix the issue, or just wait for a new release that fixes this issue.

Thanks in advance,


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