Isolated vLans and Octopus relay agents?


I am wondering if anyone may have some advice or experienced something similar.

We are currently working with 4 separate instances of OD. The reason behind this is our network has been designed to isolate each vLan (CORP, DEV, UAT and Production). We would like to just have a centralised OD server that issues the commands between each vLan.

Each vLan has its own Active Directory and DNS so we cant currently resolve or authenticate against another vLan meaning we can’t communicate to the Tentacles.

There is a firewall that sits in-between, but it is not a simple case of opening up a few ports due to the nature of our network.

I would like to know if it possible to have something like Octopus relay agents. I did see talk of relay Tentacles but this doesn’t look like it will be here any time soon.

It would be a little bit similar to WSUS with their upstream and downstream servers set-up.

We tried with both listening and polling (through a proxy) but this is not working at all for us and the more we investigate the less likely we are able to achieve our goal.

Has anyone else experienced something similar or found ways around this?



Hi Doug,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Relay Tentacles is something we’re thinking about, but don’t have any definite timeframes yet.

Your best option is creating some kind of network tunnel to allow the Tentacle traffic (either listening or polling).



+1 Our production environment is going to be moved to a similar layout. Relay Tentacles would be an incredibly valuable feature for us.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the feedback. We tend not to look in the forums for feature suggestions. If you wish to see this feature or any other new features you can create a suggestion or search for other suggestions on our UserVoice:

Here is a link to a suggestion that matches what you are asking:
You can vote and comment on other features you are interested in seeing in future releases of Octopus!