Is there any variable that tells me whether a project supports Tenanted deployments or not

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is there any Octopus variable that tells me whether the project supports Tenant deployments or not. in other words, If we open any project and go to “settings”, we will see a section called “Multi-tenant Deployments”. And it has 3 options. Namely,

  1. Disable Tenanted Deployments (default)
  2. Allow deployments with or without a tenant
  3. Require a tenant for all deployments

Is there any Octopus variable for identifying the value of “Multi-Tenant Deployments”.


Hi Kishore,

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Unfortunately, there doesn’t exist a variable within Octopus to determine which Project has Multi-Tenant Deployments enabled as you’ve highlighted.

This is, however, discernible via the Octopus REST Api as TenantedDeploymentMode

I’d recommend having a read through the aforementioned documentation for future information.

I hope this helps!

If you require any further assistance or I’ve misunderstood your query in any way, please let me know :slight_smile:

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