Is there an Octopus variable I can set to skip steps

I am looking for a way to do some logic along the lines of…
if website x exists - run step to create otherwise leave alone - we have deployment with ~50 steps deploying >15 apps, 4 of which are websites. 2 of the websites are one-off website creates (they change very rarely).

One way I can think of achieving this is to have a step that runs as a first step, checks to see what is present of the more static components and set octopus variables to skip those steps.

Is this possible? If so, what octopus variable should I set?


Hi Richard,

Thanks for getting in touch! We do not have an elegant solution for this such as a variable that could be set in a conditional and skip the rest of the step of the deployment, nor anything that could be set to skip other steps.
It could be done as multiple projects. Do the 2 websites have conditional parts to when they are deployed in the other apps that are installed?
Or you could hack something together like this: set up the skippable steps as child steps