Is there an easy way to restore a deleted project?


Occasionally, users want to restore deleted projects.

Is there an better/faster way of restoring a deleted project other than restoring the entire database?

Thanks very much for your suggestion!


Hi @gebai!

Sadly, there’s no in-built way to restore deleted projects, but we do have some options for alternate workflows that might help. Some options you can try:

  • Disabling projects, rather than deleting them. This allows them to be quickly and easily re-enabled, should they be needed once again.
  • Use Octopus.Migrator.exe's partial-export command to export the specified projects for later reference. You can find more information on this functionality in our documentation HERE.

If you do decide to go with the disable project route, or do want to safeguard against accidental deletion, we suggest turning off the ProjectDelete permission for the relevant user roles.

I hope these options help to solve the problem, and happy deployments!

Thanks for the clarification!

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