Is there a way to add deployment targets with private IP to Octopus deploy Cloud?

Hi there! We are using octopus deploy since 2015, now we are planning to migrate to Octopus Deploy Cloud. But from the beginning, we don’t assign Public IP’s for most of our servers. Now my question is how to add deployment targets with private IP to octopus cloud.

Hi @akhildevops24,

Thanks for getting in touch! This would not be possible in Octopus for a Listening Tentacle. Your Octopus cloud server has no context of the private IP addresses in your network.

I’m wondering if you would benefit from our Polling Tentacle configuration mode. When a Tentacle is configured as a Polling Tentacle, there is no inbound connection made from the Octopus server. The Tentacle periodically pings the Octopus server to see if any tasks are waiting to be run.

Our documentation I linked to above had a more details about our Tentacle connection modes.

Let me know if this helps.

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