Is there a URL that always points to the newest version of the tentacle installer?

I am attempting to get Octopus tentacles set up via Chef. I would like the version installed to track the latest version, but I can’t find a URL that doesn’t change. Is there a “latest” download link for the tentacle? Or is this ill-advised? It seems like within a major version there aren’t breaking changes.


Hi Erickt,

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Yes, you can use the following URL[OctopusTentacle|OctopusTentacle64] to get the latest MSI for Tentacle/Tentacle 64-bit.

Hope that helps!


Hi Henrik, is there an equivalent static URL for the main Octopus Deploy installer too?

With a bit of trial and error; the main server installer link seems to be:

Perfect, thanks!

I don’t suppose if anyone knows if there is a similar latest link for the Octopus tools?

That is, those that are normally found at: I tried a variety of links in a similar style as the latest server and tentacle with no luck.


Hi Erickt,

Yes there is,

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Perfect, thanks! This will make the Chef configuration much simpler.