Is there a predefined 'Exit' step I can add during development?

I have 45 steps. I want to add a ‘Exit’ step before step 12 so that remaining steps will not execute.

Is there a predefined ‘Exit’ step I can add during development?

Hi Harris,

Thanks for reaching out. There is no “Predefined Exit Step” however there are a number of ways to achieve exiting out of the project depending on your circumstances. I have put a couple of suggestions below.

Option 1
If you are using a powershell script, you can exit out of a step by writing an error:

Then you can set all other steps to only execute when previous steps have succeeded.

Option 2
When creating a project, you can set “Enabled” to “No” to disable specific steps before creating the next release.

Option 3
You can choose to run a step or skip a step based on a variable during deployment:

Option 4
If the first 11 steps are a part of one specific process that is separable from the rest of the project, you could create a role for those 11 steps and set your steps to only run on Targets with that specific role assigned

There are a couple of other options available, so please feel free to reach out again if you need more info or if you can provide more detail around your current circumstance so I can help you find the best solution.

Happy Deploying


Thanks. Very helpful!

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