Is "On behalf of" a deployment target a combination of multiple roles?

I’m just a bit confused about how target roles on a deployment target relate to the “On behalf of” during a process step.

For instance:

I have this Azure web app deployment target

Notice the 2 roles, web-app and admin. I have other deployment targets with web-app, but only this is only target with admin.

Now in my deploy Azure web app process step, I have this

Does the On behalf of target all web-app's then all admins deployment targets? Or does it only match targets that match the combination of the target roles?

If the former, then I’m assuming I should change my target role to be web-app-admin, so my process step only targets one target?

Hi Alastair,

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That is correct, the role assessment is not cumulative. It will search for all applicable machines with the role ‘web-app’ and all machines with the role ‘admin’, it doesn’t combine them into a single search for machines that only have both roles.


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ok cool.

I’ve changed my roles to be web-app-[name] now, so there is only a single target.

Thanks for the help.

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