Is Octopus the right tool for the Job?

Hi all,
I’m very new at Octopus deploy and I’m really just starting off, so sorry if this question sounds a bit stupid.
I need to install multiple ASP.Net websites to the same servers and was wondering if Octopus was the right tool to do the Job. Each website is going to need a different configuration, so basically I need to deploy each website independently to allow the technician that will deploy the website, to enter some values for DB connection string variables, website and AppPool name.
Basically, I have a managed to setup a project, create a release, declare my variables and it deploys correctly to the test server. Once it’s deployed, I have no clou how I could deploy another instance of the same release on the same Environment.
Is Octopus maybe not meant to be used for what I’m trying to use it for?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Michel,

Thanks for reaching out! Right off the bat I can tell you that the question isn’t stupid at all, and that Octopus can definitely work in your scenario. The ultimate goal here would be to have a single project and deployment process, and many instances of the same site, correct?

What you can do is, in that same project, set up one channel per copy of your ASP.NET website (I’m asuming its the same site always, but could definitely not be the case) and have this channel point to the same Lifecycle/Environment.

As soon as you deploy a release to that channel, you’ll get prompted for the same values of your current process, and you’ll get a new site with those values.

Let me know if that makes sense for your scenario and if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I will read the two articles and hopefully should be fine.
Thanks again.

I’ve read about channels but I’m still not sure how I could use channels to do what I need to do.
Basically, I have an ASP.Net application that has several versions (eg: 11.4, 11.5, 11.6,…) and I need to be able to deploy any version of this application for different clients.
This means that I will need to be able to push any version of the application on the same server multiple times for different clients (the only thing that will change is the installation directory, the site and AppPool name, connection strings and folder permissions.
Do you know what the most efficient way would be to do this using Octopus Deploy? If I create one channel/client, I then need to create a release on that channel but won’t be able to use the same version number, so I will end up having some really funky version numbers for exactly the same version of my application.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Michel,

We’re actually working on a feature call Multi-tenancy for 3.4 which will allow you to better handle these scenarios with multiple customers (tenants) using different versions of the same product.

You can read more about this new feature (and all the other ones for this release) in this blogpost: . Make sure to grab a cup of coffee first, its a long one.

We’ll be releasing 3.4 sometime this month.


Hi Dalmiro,

I’ve read the multi-tenancy article yesterday actually and I thought that this might be exactly what I needed.
Thanks a lot.

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