Is it possible to host IIS and Octopus Server on the same box on ports 80 and 443?

As part of doing the upgrade process, we have been planning on now using a server that is generally underutilized but already had a couple of IIS sites installed on it.

I thought we could just add another IP and bind Octopus to one and IIS to another. My initial attempt at that was an epic fail, and it appears that both IIS and Octopus Server rely on HTTP.sys which means limiting anything via that will fail as well.

Is it possible to host Octopus on a server with IIS installed on it without using switching from traditional ports (and without shooting yourself in the foot when it comes time to upgrade)?

Hi Mike,

IIS and the Octopus Deploy server can be installed on the same server. And they can even share ports.

If you open Octopus Manager, and select Change Bindings, you can add\modify bindings.

So for example, you could have Octopus listening on port 80 with a host of and another website in IIS on port 80 with a host of

I hope this helps. If you need any further assistance, you know where to find us.


For whatever reason this did not work for us. I don’t know if it was something goofy on the box we installed on, or what, but there was contention (it seemed) on who got to listen.

I am having the same problem. When I start the octopus service on my web server, all my other sites hit the octopus deploy site. When I stop the service, all my other sites work fine.

I found the issue. I did not delete the default binding of “localhost”. Once I removed this binding everything worked fine.