Is it possible to deploy the same version twice without updating version number?


Is it possible to deploy the same version again without updating the version number?

I’ve set up Octopus Deploy to deploy the database and everything works well, but once in a while a tester will populate the database and wants the database to be scratched, thus returning to its original state. I could deploy the database step again, but as I see it I have to increment the version number and I don’t want this.

Hi Morten,

If you go back into the release details and choose to deploy it, there are options to re-download the package and to re-deploy it. This is how we redeploy a single version to the same environment repeatedly.


In the 2.0 series redeployment is the default, so if you find the release and deploy it again to the same environment you’ll get the required behaviour without setting the old ‘force’ option.