Is it possible to create a deployment target as a step?

I want to:

  1. Provision a vm in Azure
  2. Configure it
  3. Install octopus tentacle
  4. Deploy IIS web site to new tentacle

Is this even possible, or do I need to split this process in two?


Thanks for getting in touch. The short answer is no, you’d have to split it into a two-part process:

  1. Get the Tentacle provisioned and in the expected Environments/Roles
  2. Deploy a Release to the Environment which would now include the new Tentacle

This is because the target Tentacles/Machines are determined when the Deployment starts.

If you’re open to using an Azure Web App, that’s a different story! In Octopus 3.1 you can craft this kind of deployment:

  1. Azure PowerShell Step: Provision Azure Web App if it doesn’t already exist (named by variable, or even a prompted variable)
  2. Azure Web App Step: Deploy your package to the Web App you just created.

If it needs to be a VM, check out the Azure support for Octopus and the Azure DSC module

Hope that helps!

Thanks for confirming my suspicions :slight_smile:

I am already doing the Azure web app provisioning (works great), but now I wanted to do the same for our on-premise offering.


Glad I could be of assistance. Hope you have smooth sailing getting your provisioning process orchestrated.

Happy Deployments!