Is it possible to change the Auditing 'When' column to display time stamps rather than relative times?

I would like to be able to change the Audit view to show me time stamps in the ‘When’ column, rather than ‘4 hours ago’.
Is there a setting anywhere to change this behaviour?

Could get it from the API. We have an issue for it

Great thanks!

Hi Dan,

Apologies! That response above was a note put against the ticket when we were triaging it. I obviously clicked the wrong button and it sent, taking it off the queue.

What we should have replied with was, first of all, thanks for getting in touch. If you are investigating an issue, you can get the raw date time by calling the events API (http://octopusserver/api/events). You can specify the from and to date parameters as well as a take parameter (depending on which version of Octopus).

There is no way to change it in the UI at the moment. However we have changed to the full date in our UI rewrite, coming in 4.0, which is due in a few months.

Robert W

Hi Robert,

Haha, no worries. I saw the issue on GitHub and am happy just tracking that.
The API has the info I need, but I ended up just using a sql query to get the data I needed. Will be good to see this in 4.0.

I only realised this morning that I never responded to the post, so thought that I should close it and actually respond to you! :slight_smile: