IPs (FQDN) and Ports for Community Library and Updates

My network environment is tightly controlled. Implicit deny rules prevent all traffic.

I am trying to find information on the destination of traffic for both the Community Step Template Library and Update features within Octopus. In other words, what does the Octopus server talk to externally for these features.

In order to make these features work I’ll need to explicitly punch holes in my firewall to the external services that host them. So i’m looking for the addresses and ports that host these endpoints.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ryan,

The Community Step Template Library sync connects to https://library.octopus.com and the Update feature (I’m assuming you mean the bullhorn notification when a new release is available) connects to https://octopusdeploy.com.

I hope that helps!

Thank you and best regards,

Perfect - that’s exactly what I need!