IOException during deployment

It seems that if my Continuous Integration system is publishing a package to my local nuget feed, Octopus can fail while scanning for packages. See the attached deployment log (root cause is at line 130).

It’s odd that Octopus is opening an unrelated package in the first place, especially at deployment time and not at the time when the release is being created.

Using Octopus version 0.9.574.2644.

log.txt (16 KB)

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch. Does re-running the deployment work OK?

It looks like the problem happens when I query the NuGet repository for packages while it is being written. I’ll get in touch with the NuGet team and see if there’s a workaround that I can include in the next release.


Yes, redeployment was successful. It’s probably a pretty narrow window where this could happen. We might be able to avoid the issue by writing the package to a temp file and atomically moving it into the feed directory.