Interruption Not Showing Who It Is Assigned To

I am using version 3.1.5, and on the deployment page it is not showing who the interruption is assigned to once it is assigned to another user. It seems like it should say who it is assigned to, instead of just saying assigned to: with nothing. However, looking to the right in the history does show who it has been assigned to.

I have attached three screen shots to illustrate this:

  1. The first screen shot shows what it looks like when another user assign the task to them, and it does not say who it is assigned to without looking at the history. The first time I seen this I assumed it was not assigned to anyone yet until later when I noticed the history.

  2. The second screen shot shows that if a user clicks to assign to me, then it shows them that it is assigned to someone else. That was the clue that it was assigned, but did not tell me to who unless I looked at the history to the right.

  3. The third screen shot shows that when it is assigned to me it shows that.



Hi Kelly,

Thanks for getting in touch!

This is a known bug, we have an issue to get it resolved here.

Hope that helps!

Thank you and kind regards,