Intermittent Linux Connectivity

I’m having trouble with a pair of linux deployment targets that keep intermittently failing health checks. I don’t have much else to go on other than the following,

Apr  2 19:23:00 ubuntu-16042-server-amd64 sshd[419]: Accepted password for octopus from port 62832 ssh2
Apr  2 19:23:00 ubuntu-16042-server-amd64 sshd[419]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user octopus by (uid=0)
Apr  2 19:23:00 ubuntu-16042-server-amd64 systemd: pam_unix(systemd-user:session): session opened for user octopus by (uid=0)
Apr  2 19:23:00 ubuntu-16042-server-amd64 systemd-logind[1122]: New session 623 of user octopus.
Apr  2 19:23:22 ubuntu-16042-server-amd64 sshd[458]: Received disconnect from port 62832:11: Connection terminated by the client.
Apr  2 19:23:22 ubuntu-16042-server-amd64 sshd[458]: Disconnected from port 62832
Apr  2 19:23:22 ubuntu-16042-server-amd64 sshd[419]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user octopus
Apr  2 19:23:22 ubuntu-16042-server-amd64 systemd-logind[1122]: Removed session 623.

Hi James,

It looks like a network problem, or a problem with that target. You could try:

  • Keeping a SSH connection open to the target and seeing if it get’s dropped
  • Setting up a continuous ping between the server and target to see if there are drop outs
  • Check whether the target is refusing the connection due to resource limits (also check how many sshd processes are running)
  • Create a new machine policy for these targets and set the health check interval to something really short (eg 1 minute) to see how long this problem lasts and if there is a pattern (eg gets worse at the end of an hour and suddenly corrects itself). I’ve found problems with network infrastructure getting overloaded (and resetting) this way.

Thank you for the response and suggestions!

I am working on trying each suggestion, but limited in what I can do with SSH on the server itself (without having to install ssh via windows update). Is there a program/script in the Octopus program file(s) that I can run to either emulate the health check, or do and ad hoc SSH connection?

I found this thread, I ran the shell script on my linux endpoints and everything checks out.

I also ran Ping/telnet (port 22) and have discovered issues there I’m investigating with our networking team.

Hi James,

The best way to test the ssh connection is to download PuTTY (, there is a stand alone version. There isn’t a command line tool bundled with Octopus unfortunately.


Thanks, finding it’s our internal networking.

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