Interactive login privilege for service account

Hi Team,

We are installing octopus deploy with MSSQL database by service account . The scenario is below:

with the Service account we will install the octopus deploy and with this service account We also need to connect the MSSQL DB . For this We need to enabled interactive login privilege for the service account right?

Please advise.


Thank you for reaching out with your question about installing Octopus Deploy.

You shouldn’t need to give the service account the interactive login privilege. You can instead install Octopus Deploy as a normal user and then change the Octopus windows service to use a managed service account that has all of the required permissions afterwards.

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi Charles,

Thanks for your reply over here. But my requirement is not only run the services of octopus with service account, it is moreover to connect the MSSQL DB with windows authentication. For that reason ,service account interactive login privilege needed to connect the MSSQL DB during installation time only. later we can revoke the interactive login access.

Please confirm whether my understanding is correct or not.


Thank you for your message.

I’ve checked with the team and we don’t believe that the Interactive Login Privilege will be necessary. You can find details about the permissions that Octopus requires on the following pages:

It is our understanding that no further permissions would be required. The best approach is likely to be to test this within your own environment and to get back in touch with us if you encounter any difficulties in which case we’d be happy to help further.

I hope this is helpful. Please get back to us if you have any questions.

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