Integration with IBM Rational Quality Manager

Team ,

I would like to know more about the feasibility of integrating Octopus deploy with IBM Rational Quality Manager(RQM) . Are there any plug-ins/adapters available to achieve this purpose ? or can we integrate these two applications using configurable API’s ,? Your suggestion would be of great help .

Prasanth R V

HI Prasanth,

Thanks for reaching out. We do not have plans to build something on the product to integrate it with IMB RQM. Octopus has a very flexible API that allows you to do with it anything that you can do on the Web Portal. So, from the Octopus side of things, there shouldn’t be nothing stopping you from going the API way.

On another matter: I noticed that you posted this question initially on a post that says not to do so. Please try no to add more comments to that thread in the future.