Integrated-challenge and Octopus Deploy 3.5


We use the trick for calling “/integrated-challenge” to authenticate the API user via windows credentials (
Will this still work with Octopus Deploy 3.5? This release notes for the breaking change aren’t specific enough to tell…


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch! I can see how the breaking change details in the release notes could be a bit more specific in relation to your scenario. Apologies for that and I’ll get them updated to help make this clearer.

In the meantime, the short answer to your question is that the specific API you are calling hasn’t changed URIs.

For a little more detail, what the release notes were referring to was that we use Hypermedia in the API to help consumers of the API remain resilient in cases where we do need to change URIs. There is further information in our GitHub wiki for the API (Note that the top level of the API, which is the one you’ll be interested in, does not require an API to access; the secured URIs it links to do).

In 3.5 the SignIn API changed URIs due to the new providers. The link related to your usage is IntegratedAuthenticationChallenge and while the code behind it moved we didn’t change the URI.

Hope that helps!