Integrated authentication in Octopus 2.0

Congratulations on a job well done with Octopus 2.0! I’m really excited to upgrade our 1.6 to it soon.

I have read the Active Directory authentication documentation. Under the Logging in with Active Directory section it states

When Active Directory authentication is selected, Octopus will prompt for credentials using a web form and validate these server-side ('integrated' authentication from the browser is not used).

How would I re-enable the integrated authentication? The integrated authentication from the browser of Octopus 1.6 is a wonderful feature. Our users and the Octopus Server are all on the same domain.


Thanks David.

2.0 doesn’t have any direct support for integrated authentication; it may be possible to wire this up by using IIS as a reverse proxy, but I believe significant effort would be required.

We do provide a “Remember me” checkbox, to avoid prompting for credentials on every visit.

Hope this helps,