Installing Tentacle using DSC

Im getting an error when trying to install the tentacle using DSC:
I’ve created the MOF, but when i execute the configuration i get the following errer: C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\OctopusDSCMaster\OctopusDSC\DscResources\cTentacleAgent\cTentacleAgent.psm1
cannot be loaded because you opted not to run this software now.

Do i need to provide the Tentacle Download URL - IF so what is the URL to have the client download the MSI



Hi Tommy,

The problem you’re seeing is almost certainly windows file blocking - because the files were downloaded from the internet, they’re blocked by default.

Quick fix: Fire up a PowerShell window with Administrative rights and run the following

Get-ChildItem C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\OctopusDSCMaster -recurse | Unblock-File -verbose

That should unblock all the scripts under that folder and the issue should resolve. I’ve dropped a -verbose onto the end there so you can review exactly what files get unblocked during the process

There are a number of posts on places like Stack Overflow that recommend moving the module folder as a fix - that’s not essential, but I might move it up one level from where it is now,


just because that’s a more predictable path. Having said that, it looks like it’s resolving the module fine as it is, so that step is very much optional.


Hi Jason,

Im still getting the same issue. I have run the command and moved the modules?

Any other ideas?


Hi Tommy,

Strange, that Powershell command should have unblocked everything, but maybe there’s some metadata left on the top level.

The official advice from MSDN does say that zip files should be unblocked before extracting them, rather than unblocking afterwards, so maybe that’s the appropriate action at this point?