Installer improvements

Just installing Octopus for the first time tonight, though I might offer some suggestions to help the install process. That process probably isn’t high on the agenda, but personally, the less steps the IT Techs (and therefore my documentation) have to do, the better:

  1. Shouldn’t the default directory be under c:\Program Files? Could be just me but I hate a cluttered root drive
  2. The configurator didn’t run after install
  3. Add an option to auto create the database if it does not exist
  4. Could we specify a username and password for the service instead of having to dig into services, starting and restarting
  5. Allow the setting of a host name for the web portal from the installer

I think the above things doubled the install time (and complexity) for me into this environment.

Having said that, the install experience is great!


Thanks for the suggestions Robert, I have an item on the board to improve the install experience, and I’ll be sure to re-visit these suggestions in the process.

Re: the choice of C:\Octopus - this is because Octopus also installs packages under that directory, and can’t necessarily run as admin.


Np, knew there was a reason. I realised too late, and did not head the
warning, that it is opinionated. Once I got over that, it was fine.