Hello and thanks.
I am a newbie with octopus and I need to install it on my windows 10 machine.
I tried to install both server and tentacle but I got problems with HTTPS certificate.
The tentacle at localhost:10933 says that only with valid ssl certificate it can show the content.
Anybody can tell me what I am doing wrong?

Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out! Please be aware that both the Octopus Server and the Tentacle are developed for and tested on Server versions of Windows. While we’ve heard of users being able to use this in Desktop operative systems, its not something we officially support as its not part of our battery of tests.

That said, if you are using this on your local windows 10, odds are you want to test Octopus a bit before moving to an actual server. Is there a reason why you are trying to use an HTTP connections instead of HTTP? that would definitely reduce the overhead of your testing.