Installation wizard problem: database step

I have a problem with the installation wizard.
I have created a server by Sql Express and I select it: /(local)/QLEXPRESS
I put the name of the db to let Octopus create it, but I have an Arithmetical operation overflow: it can connect to my SQL database
How could I fix it? I’m not sjilled in db settings

Hi Luigi,

Thanks for reaching out. Couple of requests to help with the troubleshooting:

  • Could you send us the full error message you get from the Octopus wizard?

  • Could you send us any server logs you can find on that machine. By default those would be in c:\octopus\logs

  • During the wizard, you said you are selecting a DB you created. Does this mean that you can see the right DB and Intance name from the wizard dropdowns?