Installation issues with 3.0 (permissions)

So I have found from the installer a few pieces of feedback:

  1. When installing and connecting to SQL with integrated authentication, it would be useful to ask for credentials. Otherwise, I have to install the software using the user with which I would like to connect to SQL. I didn’t see this in the installation requirements, but maybe I missed it.
  2. When the installation will connect to SQL remotely, with integrated Windows Authentication, the Octopus Deploy service user should also be set to that user. For me it was still Local Service, and I had to change it manually in the Services console.


Thanks for getting in touch! During the installer you do get prompted to enter the account that will be running the Octopus service (see attached screenshot). This same account will be used to connect to SQL if you select “Windows Authentication” on the Database step.

Does this answer your question or am I missing something?


I must have missed that one - sorry!