Injecting Release Notes - mid stream of a release cycle

Currently we have a hand-mangled method that injects the JSON contents of the release notes into a release directly to the Octopus DB that in between environments. This works 100%, however I’m pretty sure this is neither the fit nor proper way of doing it since the moment you guys change anything it runs the risk of breaking your stuff (this I don’t want to do!)

Since we won’t actually have the release notes finalized until after it’s gone through one environment and before the Production one, I was wondering is there an API call or OCTO.exe call we should be using to do this as adding the release notes to the Release page doesn’t seem to have any affect when it comes to emailing them out afterwards.

Hi Rachel,

Direct changes to our database via SQL are not only unsafe, but it will also void your warranty with us. We strongly recommend you to stop using that SQL approach right away.

With Octo.exe you can only add release notes when you initially create the release. If you want to add release notes after the release has been deployed to one environment, you’ll need to go through the API.

I recommend you to use the OSS project Octoposh which has a fairly simple way to update releases using the API:

$ProjectName = "MyProjectName"
$releaseVersion = "1.0.0"
$newReleaseNotes = "My new release notes"

$release = Get-OctopusRelease -ProjectName $ProjectName -ReleaseVersion $releaseVersion
$release.resource.releasenotes = $newReleaseNotes
Update-OctopusResource -Resource $release.resource

Hope that helps,


That’s perfect and exactly what I was looking for! So glad there’s a better (and official) way I can do this.